About This Blog

My dad taught me that a job worth doing is worth doing right. That lesson sticks with me and I try to apply it every day, not just in how I do the tasks set before me, but in observing the work of others. In all of these things, I constantly work toward a better outcome for the field that we are in.

So this blog aims to help people in Learning & Development roles find information, templates, after-action reviews, and discussions that help solve problems. Some of these ideas are mine, but frequently I share things that others have taught me and I do my best to attribute to the folks who have earned the recognition when memory serves.

About Me

My name is Tina Newton, and I’ve been working in learning & development for 20+ years, in most of the roles found in a typical department: content developer, instructional designer, project manager, and curriculum manager. I work now with a team at SuccessFactors whose work is award-winning, and Dr. Jenny Dearborn CLO, whose leadership in the field is legendary – I learn so much from them, and from the projects I’ve had the great fortune to work on. Because our group has been innovating so consistently and with so much passion, and because my role as curriculum manager is pretty rare, finally it seems like there’s a chance to give back to the field that has given so much to me. Their thought leadership encourages me so much.

So I hope to share how the curriculum manager role works in my organization, how my team has won awards, how we make decisions, what the principles are that guide us, what frameworks we use, and what debates we have — in the hopes, again, of giving back to the learning & development community of practice.

One thing you should know: views I express are not necessarily those of my company.

What would you like to know more about? Please comment below.


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